Hotel Bergland, feel good in your room in the Pitztal

The history of
Hotel Bergland

In 1978 Alois and his wife Irmgard purchased the Bergland Inn and made it a home for their family and their numerous guests, who were not only welcomed here, but welcomed as friends. And with four daughters the next generation was already waiting in the wings. In 2005 daughter Katrin with her husband Michael, took over the hotel and breathed fresh air into the traditional house. With their sons Julian and Florian, a multifaceted house for three generation has formed. A place to feel at home.




Savoury and tasty. Typically Tyrolean. Senior chef Loisl and Joachim make no compromises over the delicious food on the Bergland dinner menu. Best ingredients from the region, prepared with love, according to recipes, handed-down over generations, will make you smile. The specialities at Hotel Bergland are accompanied by first-class wines, straight from our well-sorted wine cellar.